The shortest distance between two people is a smile. It is for this reason that the Gothong Clan spearheaded by Jerry Gothong, in collaboration with Amor & Garcia Dental Company, the Philippine Dental Association(PAD)- Cebu Chapter, Alpa Foundation, Inc. and Gothong Southern Foundation, Inc. (GSF) conducted its first-ever dental mission for 5,200 high school students of Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong Memorial National High School (CCDDCAGMNHS). This seven-week program started last Sept. 4 and ended Oct. 16, 2019.
The dental mission was fortunate enough to be graced with over 30 dentists and interns ready for their weekly Wednesday service. PDA dentists gave a brief refresher on proper dental hygiene. After which, the students would have their teeth checked and be provided with the necessary prescriptions to ensure its cleanliness, strength, and health. Freebies such as toothbrushes and toothpastes were also given to indeed promote and sustain proper dental care.
To recognize the dental heroes’ ardent passion, relentless service, and unwavering support, a culminating activity was organized for them by the faculty of CCDDCAGMNHS. They were surprised by the beautiful program that was especially prepared just for the team. Thanks to them, these 5,200 students are now more confident to share their smiles to the world.
GSF extends its warmest appreciation to the whole team behind the success of this activity. This activity may have had come to a close but the doors are always open for more programs that touch and make a difference in the lives of these children.


Sun Tzu once said that “Every battle is won before it is fought” and last September 27, 2019 the Teachers, School Governing Council, Parents and Teachers Association, and Barangay Officials of Barangay Cambagocboc fought the battle to win the RAFI Seal of Excellence in Education Development “SEED” Competition for Cambagocboc Elementary School, Brgy Sunog, Balamban Cebu with its first ever participation in the Strategy Planning for Cambagocboc Elementary School in partnership with Gothong Southern Foundation and the Office of Strategy Management of Gothong Southern Shipping Lines Inc at JVR Island in the Sky, Balamban Cebu.

A program eagerly prepared by the Office of Strategy Management in order to help the school win the RAFI SEED Competition. The facilitators started the program proper with a refresher and a review of the Seed Program and discussed what areas they have already hit and areas they need to improve on. Once these were identified, the facilitators gave the floor to the participants as they drew their own plans and goals for the school given the school’s current status.

As each group presented their own visions for the school, this made the facilitators more aware of what the participants really wanted not only for the school but for the community as a whole. To conclude the session, a framework was developed in order to guide them of the next steps they needed to take to win the RAFI SEED Competition.
Finally, together with the facilitators and all the participants, they cited their pledge of commitment to formally seal their dedication to achieve their set plans and goals for the school and close the Strategy Planning Program.