About Us

Gothong Southern Shipping Lines Inc dedicates all it efforts to change the way shipping works. Making it easy, fast, and efficient for our clients. Innovation is what separates us from the rest.
We grow with time and its advancements in technology enabling us to continuously improve in our processes to help our partners grow their business by moving their product and at the same time securing the future of the company and the people behind it that makes everything happen.

As a famous saying go “Great things comes from humble beginnings” over the years what is happening in the background is almost always over shadowed by milestone an organization achieves. The people behind the action is not always mentioned but they make the vision come to a reality.

The road to where we are at right now as a company would always leave a trace, a track worth looking back.

The merger of the GIANTS.

The underlying economic conditions in the mid 1990’s made Carlos A. Gothong Lines, Inc. steer towards a new direction as it merged with William Lines, Inc. and Aboitiz Shipping, Inc. to form the mega-corporation, WG&A, Inc. in 1996.

With all their powers combined, the shipping business tie-up proved to be a very good move as it had flourished more in its quality service to the growing public both for the passengers and for the shippers alike.

With the merger, Carlos A. Gothong Lines, Inc. had to retire its corporate name and purpose. Thus, on January 8, 1998, the company reverted to its original name, Carlos A. Gothong & Company, changing its primary purpose from shipping to that of a holding company. Carlos A. Gothong & Co. has again emerged to the new era of its business world that was characterized by diversification and expansion.

It’s never an accident when Destiny reveals itself.

During the last quarter of 1997 while RDG was one of the entourage of then President Fidel V. Ramos to meet with Canadian investors sparked the idea of putting up a forwarding company. Placing emphasis on the word “spark”, they would need to come up with a name that would capture the attention of patriots back in the homeland.

A name that’s striking, catchy and witty at the same time. RDG came across the name in foreign lands, a certain logistics company in OTTAWA Canada thus the name OTTAWA “OverTime Service with a Smile was brought to life.

The infancy years was never easy. Small space, few equipment, and low targets is just a few of the challenges that the company leaders has to face, but with resilience they took the challenge and embrace it as opportunities. Slowly the company grew up until in 2005 the company made a giant leap.

The company went back to the shipping arena carrying the name “Gothong Southern”. We started with 1st vessel M/V Don Carlos Sr. in which this vessel is a significant contributor in building the brand making it as the ship that ensures on time departure. Being able to live up to the promise of leaving the ports on time. The company is becoming a household name in cargo shipping even until today, and as they say…

The Rest is History