Gothong Southern HR-Sea, in partnership with Gothong Southern Foundation held a one day seminar for the families of GSS seafarer’s  last June 29, Saturday at Hotel Pier Cuatro, Cebu. The event was participated in by 29 wives and mothers of the seafarers’. This program aims to empower women and recognize the important role of our seafarer’s wives in keeping their family financially and emotionally stable.

Welcoming remarks were made by Gothong Southern Shipping Marine Head, Eduardo Gabisan prepared the participants for the day’s activities which included various talks and workshops that would give them greater knowledge and understanding on a wide variety of subjects.

The seminar started with a Financial Literacy Course presented by an IMG Financial Educator, Marie Kris Mendoza, followed by discussions on Building a Strong Financial Foundation, How Money Works and Growing Wealth. These activities in particular were key in helping the families realize the importance of investments.

The next course was an Online Selling Course by a Full-Time Online Seller, Roselyn Montes. One of her topics emphasized choosing the right strategy, sharing that what works best for her is when she shares her personal experiences while using the product. This talk opened their eyes to the opportunities of making extra income while at home.

Finally, the participants got to enjoy an exciting workshop on Social Graces by Mary Kay representative, Minerva Dorado. This workshop included Behavior During Meetings, Table Etiquette and the rather much-awaited Proper Skin Care Product Applications. The participants definitely took pleasure in this hands-on activity.

They say that experience is the best teacher and this experience will surely be remembered and treasured by the mothers, wives and families of our seafarers.

Annual School Kit Provision For the Kindergarten Kids of Cambagocboc Elementary School

“The school kit provision activity in Cambagocboc Elementary School in Brgy. Sunog, Balamban has become an annual program for Gothong Southern Foundation Inc.  This is in line with the Foundation`s mission “to improve the lives of individual in our adopted community through education”. The activity took place in the beautiful morning of June22, 2019.

Together with the 26 employee-volunteers from Gothong Southern Group of Companies, who offered their Saturday morning to help facilitate in the program. The team was greeted with beaming smiles and excitement as they approached the school grounds; they prepared various interactive and fun-learning activities for each grade levels that challenged the students both physically and mentally.

Apart from the school kit distribution to the kindergarten students; another highlight of this activity was the Jollibee Party for everyone to enjoy; with games, prizes and the appearance of Jollibee mascot and friends; you can definitely see the kids having the best time of their lives.  A total of 234 students were given Jollibee kiddie meals with toys to bring home and the same were given to the grade level advisers.

“It was very fulfilling to see the smile on their faces. What a joy it was to see their innocence and how they appreciate simple things. It made me realize how lucky I was as a child. I would love to join GSF’s next activity again.” shared Christie Mae Bano of Gothong Southern Shipping Lines Inc. Noriel Tupaz of Gothong Southern Properties Inc also shared “It was tiring but definitely fun seeing those kids smiling and happy to see us; grabbing our hand so they can “mano” makes one feel really good and was something that can boost up one’s energy in spite of the activities.”


3KB Wellness Culminating Activity : Kaayuhan, Kalambuan para sa Kabataang Badjao

3KB Wellness Culminating Activity

Kaayuhan, Kalambuan para sa Kabataang Badjao Wellness Program


Finally, the day has come to recognize the Badjao Students of Don Carlos A. Gothong Memorial National High School who have successfully graduated from the Kaayuhan, Kalambuan para sa Kabataang Badjao Wellness Program.


As the students were excited to graduate and receive their certificates so was the Gothong Southern Foundation Team together with the University of San Carlos Psychology Department to start this momentous culminating activity and are truly in for a treat as the program was prepared by the faculty of the school.


A beautiful prayer in the Badjao dialect commenced the culminating activity followed by the opening remarks prepared by the IPED Coordinator Miss Helna Canete. Student representatives for each grade level were then called up to stage one after the other to share their learnings from the 3KB Wellness Program.


The students shared how the 3KB Program opened their minds and changed their way of thinking. The program instilled in them the importance decision making and how every choice an individual makes will always have a corresponding consequence.  The program also taught them that whatever it is that they set their mind into and whatever dream it is they want to realize, with perseverance it is achievable. Finally, the program taught them that their cultural background should not be a hindrance of their day to day activities; in fact it is something that they should be most proud of because they are among the few who have chosen to live by their cultural heritage.


The students absolutely drew in the audience with their sharings and in turn some words of encouragement from the organizing team followed afterwards. To break the ice were intermission numbers performed by the students in a form of dance showcasing a modern dance in one segment and their cultural dance in the other, fortunately which some members of the organizing team were able to participate in.


Finally the moment the students have been looking forward to, the graduation proper and the distribution of their certificates. The 38 graduates of the 3KB Program all had smiles on their faces as their names we being called to come up on stage and be recognized. A photo opportunity with all the Badjao students followed as well as the distribution of their appetizing lunch.


This 3KB Program was as fulfilling both to the students who learned so much from the sessions prepared as well as to Gothong Southern Foundation for realizing a vision for the Badjao Students.

MV Don Ceferino Alfredo (DCA): A giant leap in helping you grow your business

Gothong Southern Shipping celebrates another milestone with the arrival of the newest and youngest member of our fleet. Last January 30, 2019, the company celebrated with a blessing ceremony before her maiden voyage from Cebu to Manila. She and her sister ship the MV Don Alfredo Sr. 3 (DAS7) are the biggest members of our ever-growing fleet that will help you build your business carrying your cargo across Philippine seas.


With her arrival we are closing in the gaps, and no distance is too far away. She will not just carry your cargo but more importantly the growth of your business along with it.

This is our commitment to keep on growing so you in turn can also grow your business seamlessly. #simplyseamless

Relaunched: Less Container Load

Providing flexibility when it matters is one of the things that will strengthen trust and confidence in whatever we do. A seamless solution is what we always aim to give our customers. With this in mind, we are glad to offer you once again our Less Container Load to cater to the needs of your growing business.

Now we can really say that there is no cargo too big or too small. As long as there is the sea that connects us all, we will move things for you. May it be for business needs or for the people you hold dear, we’ll move your cargo for you as if it’s our own.

We are now accepting LCL services with the same commitment of moving your cargo with ease and speed, so you can spend more time building your business. #SimplySeamless