Gothong Southern keeps looking for ways to make things #simplyseamless

As we sail into the new normal, Gothong Southern keeps looking for ways to make things #simplyseamless for you and your business. We now accept freight payments and other charges via GCash, to facilitate contactless transactions. Watch this space for further details or contact our Sales and Customer Service Teams nationwide:


Metro Manila: 0917 1206771 / 0956 2694192 / 0947 3426045 / 0942 2993062
Cebu: 0917 7711326 / 0917 7711328
Tacloban: 0975 759 6944 / 0917 3211238
Cagayan De Oro: 0936 8224985
Davao: 0917 8580598
General Santos: 0917 8358247
Ozamiz: 0966 6606084

In Recognition of the Frontliners of the Domestic Shipping Industry

Notwithstanding the risks of COVID19, the domestic shipping industry frontliners, our seafarers, the ports, truckers and operations teams continue to work day and night to bring food, medicines and essential needs to the Filipino people.
Shipping has often been overlooked as the silent hero, and more so in times like these. Just like the truck drivers, truck helpers and other transport personnel including shipping port, container yard and warehouse personnel, we acknowledge their role as logistics frontliners. While they may not be as critical as our heroic medical frontliners, they are worth noting nonetheless.
Everyday since the crisis broke out, they have also been risking their own safety in order to keep the flow of goods moving. Due to quarantine measures vessel crews are not allowed to disembark, sacrificing shore leaves and not being with their families to keep everyone in the country supplied. A common message has emerged from all the brave and resilient crews saying “While we stay on board for you, please stay at home for us and let the world heal.” We pay tribute to these everyday heroes and recognize their role in keeping the Philippine economy moving despite the prevailing Enhanced Community Quarantine.
To the frontliners in the domestic shipping industry, along with those in transport, logistics and supply chain we say, Maraming Salamat Po!

#ShippingYouCanDependOn #PHShippingServingYou #WeHealAsOne #WeMoveAsOne

Despite Challenges, We Continue To Support Your Business

During these trying times we would like to assure our customers that we are operating with minimal or no disruption to our operations. As we are encouraged to keep the flow of goods uninterrupted, we are here to continue to support your business, whether it be FCL, LCL or other supply chain requirements. While doing so we intend to remain compliant with all prevailing regulations while keeping the DOH’s reminders on proper hygiene and other measures in mind. Contact our Customer Service Teams at these numbers:

Metro Manila: (02) 8527-6977/7315/7306/6986

Cebu – (032) 260-7934/ (032) 260-7256

Tacloban – (053) 832-1024

Davao – (083) 227-4497

Ozamiz – (088) 545-3461

Cagayan De Oro – (088) 852-0260

General Santos – 09171124678/09369481916

Together let us overcome these trials to emerge as a stronger and more united Filipino nation!

Gothong Southern Spreads Christmas Cheer to Cambagocboc Elementary School

Christmas came in a little early this year for the students and families of Cambagocboc Elementary School as the Gothong Southern Foundation Team headed to the mountains last December 7, Saturday to bring gifts with love.

Some of the volunteers brought with them their kids to help spread the holiday vibe at Cambagocboc, helping give away the gift bags to the families.

Along with the gift bags for each family, the kids also got to enjoy fun games and delectable prizes prepared by the team and the school.

Nothing feels better than extending the holiday spirit to our adopted school; spreading joy, love and more power to the kids and families of Cambagocboc Elementary School.


The shortest distance between two people is a smile. It is for this reason that the Gothong Clan spearheaded by Jerry Gothong, in collaboration with Amor & Garcia Dental Company, the Philippine Dental Association(PAD)- Cebu Chapter, Alpa Foundation, Inc. and Gothong Southern Foundation, Inc. (GSF) conducted its first-ever dental mission for 5,200 high school students of Cebu City Don Carlos A. Gothong Memorial National High School (CCDDCAGMNHS). This seven-week program started last Sept. 4 and ended Oct. 16, 2019.
The dental mission was fortunate enough to be graced with over 30 dentists and interns ready for their weekly Wednesday service. PDA dentists gave a brief refresher on proper dental hygiene. After which, the students would have their teeth checked and be provided with the necessary prescriptions to ensure its cleanliness, strength, and health. Freebies such as toothbrushes and toothpastes were also given to indeed promote and sustain proper dental care.
To recognize the dental heroes’ ardent passion, relentless service, and unwavering support, a culminating activity was organized for them by the faculty of CCDDCAGMNHS. They were surprised by the beautiful program that was especially prepared just for the team. Thanks to them, these 5,200 students are now more confident to share their smiles to the world.
GSF extends its warmest appreciation to the whole team behind the success of this activity. This activity may have had come to a close but the doors are always open for more programs that touch and make a difference in the lives of these children.