Ecommerce WebApp

Self-service shipment and supply chain portal that manages the shipment in an easy, efficient and secure way.

Check Shipping Schedules

View different vessels connection/schedules from a port of origin to a destination. Gives you the freehand to choose and manage your business with more certainty.

Book a Shipment

Manage your entire booking process from schedule search to booking confirmation. Booking process at your fingertips.

Track Shipment

Assists you to get instant tracking information using Containers number, Bill of Lading number, and Booking number. Peace of mind and worry-free shipment guaranteed.

Pay for a Shipment

Facilitate online payment option for the confirmed BL’s and the outstanding invoices. Quick and easy.

Ecommerce Bidding

Ease your way of securing slot by using our bidding tool to get your cargoes on time.